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About ME

I am a contemporary fine artist based in Birmingham, UK. I am an object maker, a creator of digital and paper collages and I also make coloured pencil drawings. I graduated from The Birmingham School of Fine Art in 2004 and since then have been exhibiting both nationally and internationally. I have been successfully awarded grants from The Arts Council and have been an artist in residence at New Art Gallery Walsall with the founding members of the arts collective, Strange Ways. As well as concentrating on my own practice, I am currently collaborating with the artist, Paul Johnson for the ongoing art, curation and intervention project, Art Bank

My practice is driven by my desire to work with unusual materials and to create works that are surreal, provocative and humourous. I am fascinated by the phenomenon of nostalgia and its bittersweet effect on our senses. I feel that each artwork I make is a souvenir from my life. I am currently exploring new directions with collage and trying to incorporate new materials, new processes and want to try and invent a new art form.

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