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art bank

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Art Bank is an ongoing collaboration with the artist, Paul Johnson. Art Bank is about transactions and exchanges and it takes the form of artworks, interventions and curation. Just to add to the general confusion, during our collaboration, we have also used the working title, Death+Glitter.

the workshop


poster for workshop_edited.jpg
work 4.jpg
work 5.jpg
work 3.jpg

Art Bank curated this show for Fringe Arts Bath 2019 at 44AD. The exhibition was comprised of selected artists' response to the idea that machines have stopped being our slaves and have potential to become our masters.

space for sale


for sale sign deathandglitter_edited.jpg

in 2018 Art Bank was included in a group show of 25 international artists to show work for the exhibition Friends Of Impenetrable Spaces in St Augustine's Tower. organised by the artist group, Degrees of Freedom. Our response to the concept was to put the space up for sale and we created a bespoke for sale sign. The piece is a reference to how easily art spaces can be lost and also the starting point for a discussion regarding the value of artistic practice.There is a catalogue of the show at

art crisis helpline leaflet


leaflet front.jpg
new back.jpg

Art Bank created The Art Crisis Helpline Leaflet as a comment on the farcical idea that an art crisis is an actual thing that can be addressed and also to mimic the bland and often unhelpful leaflets for various mental/physical/social issues that people have to endure. The leaflet has an answer line where the distressed can only leave a voicemail. At some point there will be a launch for the leaflet, until then they will be popping up in public spaces,eveywhere.



overlook deathandglitter.jpg

For the exhibition Art on Hotel Note Paper, Art Bank created a piece of headed notepaper from the fictitious Overlook Hotel, from the film The Shining.

lexicon of lust


lexicon of lust poster copy.jpg

Art Bank, going under the name Death+Glitter, created and curated the show, Lexicon Of Lust or LOL. It was part of Fringe Arts Bath and this show was a potent devotion to the art object and contained no paintings.

lol 5.jpg
lol 3.jpg
lol 6.jpg
lol 8.jpg



A and E Grundy and Johnson.jpg

Grundy/Johnson collaborative collage with added drawings. Taking Nietzsche's idea of The Last Man, the antithesis of the superior being, a human who takes no risks but is only interested in comfort and pleasure. In this triptych we see a left and right panel with people only interested in their own vanity or lost in social media. In the centr panel we have a reference to the first humans Adam and Eve and the Tree of knowledge, they are looking at each other and have not lost their capacity to seek something outside of themselves. This was shown as part of Lexicon of Lust.

picnic at alum rock


lower res picnic at alum rock_edited.jpg

Exhibited for Show Me Your Birmingham, a promotional poster for a fictitious film, based on an even more fictitious mystery regarding a reggae band, Alum Rock and UFOs.

salvator mundi


photo booth christ_edited.jpg

In reaction to the art auction of the painting Salvator Mundi by Leonardo Da Vinci, we created two pieces. The first shows it in an online basket about to paid for, like you would for any quick internet purchase. The second shows the images shooting out of a photo booth. Both works question the idea of the value of art and especially this painting that has question marks over its authenticity and is not considered a masterpiece, despite being sold for $450 million.

art coupon


art coupon for website.jpg

For Fringe Arts Bath 2017 we decided to award a prize to our favourite piece of work and we had a very large cheque printed, reminscent of the ones given to lottery winners.

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