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Bovine ephemera


bovine 6_edited.jpg
bovine 4 small.jpg
bovine 5 small.jpg
bovine 8 small.jpg
bovine 2 small.jpg
bovine small.jpg

A Delft milk jug is filled with miniature sculptures of offal. Hearts, kidneys and liver are placed on a chopping block and a slice of salami is added to models of a joint of beef and sausages. This was shown as part of Zeigeist Baby in Art Rooms in Kings Heath Birmingham. This is part of an ongoing series of pieces questioning intensive farming and how cruel it is to the animals involved.



churn  small.jpg
churn 6 small.jpg

Churn is a vintage ice cream scoop, models of cows udders, vintage ice cream bowl, wafers and fresh raspberries. Milk production is often regarded as less cruel than meat production but slaughter is still at the heart of the dairy industry. Here we are reminded that the milk comes from udders and is meant for calves not humans. This piece was also shown at Zeitgeist Baby.

open wide and shout ahhh



Medical wooden tongue depressors printed with a selected section of the poster for the famous porn film, Deep Throat.

summing her up



Artwork made from two retro office calculators, with printed panels. This piece was inspired by my childhood delight at making rude words with a calculator and also references the casual sexism that exists for women in the workplace. It was shown at 44AD as part of the exhibition, The Workshop, that I co-curated with Paul Johnson for Fringe Arts Bath, 2019.

Fishing for compliments



A bear made from brown plasticine and animation wire, beads, silk bow, tin of salmon, gold sprayed gravel and enamel painted MDF disk. The bear is triumphantly standing on his meat of choice and is masturbating. Shown at 404 Space for the exhibiton, Don't Try This At Home.



view-masturbate copy_edited.jpg
6 copy_edited.jpg

Red card, white card, a 1975 edition of Fiesta magazine, pencil and black biro pen. This is an imagined version of the children's toy the View-Master, where the reel is sexually explicit. It was shown at The Crypt Gallery in London for the exhibtion , Enshrine.



polaroid camera piece.jpg
polaorid camera 3 piece.jpg
cheese polaroids.jpg

Black and cream card and salvaged parts from a broken vintage Polaroid camera, This was created for Lexicon of Lust at Fringe Arts Bath and I also created a series of six cheese related collage Polaroids..

renaissance tinder


Renaissance Tinder image.jpg

A series of three Renaissance portraits, altered digitally to create a set of' Bad Princesses'. Referencing the Renaissance tradition of royal princes selecting their wives based on portraits, and juxtaposing it with the modern Tinder website and the act of swiping past photos that don't appeal. Made for the exhibition, Bad Princesses at Black Arts Swan in Frome. Originally exhibited in gilt frames.



crapunzel 1 copy.jpg
crapunzel 2 Helen Grundy copy.jpg
crapunzel 3 Helen Grundy.jpg

Also created for 'Bad Princesses' exhibition, I made three images based on the Rapunzel fairytale, where the princess in the tower let down her hair in order for her prince to save her. I have updated the story and instead of a tower the woman in these images is trapped in substandard social housing, she lets down her hair, but nobody is coming to rescue her.

piss poor


piss poor passport image.jpg

Passport facsimile made for the show PASSport Britannia, curated by Rekha Sameer in London.

the dancing bears


the bears.jpg
fondle label.jpg
dancing queens close up.jpg

Made for the experimental exhibition, Manifesto for Strange Ways collectiver versus The Wig. This piece is made up of four bears made from plasticine making the arm movements from the song, YMCA by Village People. They are placed in an old battered suitcase.

Mr (soft) T



Also made for the Manifesto exhibition at The Wig, this piece is inspired by Mr T and his gold necklaces, here we have a feminised version of chains all made from white felt. They were exhibited on gold card.



idyll 3.jpg

This piece was made during my internship at The Ort Gallery for the show, Downtime, curated by Paul O'Kane. I walked past Lidl every time I went to the gallery so decided to make a shopping bag, changing Lidl to Idyll and on the back I embroidered 'Brandlessness if next to Godlessness', as a comment on how people felt they were almost committing a sin to shop in a supermarket that didnt sell known brands.

Wheelie bin music box



I made three wheelie bins from balsa wood and inside they had music box mechanisms and played the song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow. These pieces were made during the Open For Business residency in Handsworth for which I received Arts Council funding

homage to jaws in fuzzy felts


helen grundy homage to Jaws_edited.jpg

Created for the show, Anthropomorphs, I used vintage Fuzzy Felt sets and created 21 scenes that depicted the whole of the 1975 film, Jaws, complete with dialogue subtitles.

rubik cubes for the colour blind


11 cubes for colour blind.jpg

Created for the group show, Minimalism Massimo. I took Rubik cubes and removed the coloured squares and replaced them with monochrome squares describing colours with words, so yellow became buttercup and blue became bruise. This work was shown alongside works from Carl Andre and Joseph Beuys.

homage to carry on nurse in fuzzy felts


fuzzy felt_edited.jpg

A depiction of the 1967 film, Carry on Nurse, made from a the vintage hospital Fuzzy Felt set.

unnatural selection


empire of the ants_edited.jpg
new guinea pig.jpg
10 rea garden residency.jpg

I received Arts Council funding for a two month residency at The Rea Garden, Digbeth, Birmingham and inspired by the work of Charles Darwin and HG Wells', The Island of Dr Moreau, I created a series of works, such as pencil drawings of imagined animal chimeras and the text based piece, Empire of The Ants, where we see the tree of life from the point of view of the ants.



slumber land 3_edited.jpg

Created for the show, Goods In, Conveyor, an exhibition in a disused bed factory in Birmingham, curated by Charlie Levine. I selected quotes from Sigmund Freud's book, The Interpretation of Dreams and embroidered them onto four tabards

punk eye test chart


punk eye test chart_edited.jpg

Text based piece of work where I have created a fictional eye test chart that is the first line from the song, My Way, as sung by Sid Vicious. This piece was made into poster for Art Trail '07 and pasted around Cork, Ireland and Berlin, Germany.

still life


still life_edited.jpg
still life 2_edited.jpg
still life 3_edited_edited.jpg

This piece was commissioned by New Generation Arts and shown at The Rojac Building in Birmingham. Inspired by Dutch still life Renaissance, memento mori paintings from the 17th century I created a real still life with fruit and flowers in my studio and allowed it to rot over a period of six weeks, photographing it three times a day. The images were made into a short piece of time lapse film which was looped and back projected into a gilt frame.

no good deed goes unpunished


handbag 5_edited.jpg

This piece was also commissioned for New Generation Arts. I made a handbag and covered it with 1970s Girl Guide badges that I bought from EBay. I wanted to show the transition from childhood to womanhood, but the desire to still carry the past with us.

mr and mrs


1 mr and mrs_edited.jpg

Also commissioned for New Generation Arts I created a moving image installation of Mr and Mrs Potato Head. Inside the cushions on the armchairs are small digital screens showing synchronised time lapse films of both Mr and Mrs Potato Head sprouting and rotting.

nn1 3AP


4 embroidered a to z map_edited.jpg
embroidered trainers_edited.jpg
NN1 3AP_edited.jpg

I was commissioned by Open Space, Open Places to create a piece of site specific work in Northampton's Bus Station, which had been voted one of the ugliest buildings in the UK. I took my starting point as the postcode for the building and created an embroidered A to Z map of the location. The embroidery was done in small amounts and I created an animation from the many photographs and I also created a series of branded clothes that were placed in an empty shop in the bus station.

oh chintzy chintzy cheeriness


three images from time lapse_edited.jpg

This piece was created for the After Hours artists mentoring course which culminated in an exhibition at The Custard Factory, Birmingham. I took a potato and stuck the plastic parts from the Mr Potato Head toy into it and let it sprout and rot for 3 months and made a piece of time lapse video that i housed inside a cushion and sat on an old armchair.

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