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faberge egg and chips


posh small.jpg
faberge egg and chips.jpg

A collage made from an image of The Gatchina Palace Faberge Egg where the palace has been replaced with an invented housing estate complete with Grenfell Tower and other forms of social housing. Shown at Zeitgeist Baby.




Humourous take on macho behaviour seen in both animals and humans.

let them eat cake


let them eat cake copy

This piece is a reaction to the actions of large corporations who damage the planet then commit to token acts of repair. Here the animals feast on man made junk food as their natural environment has been destroyed. Just as Marie Antoinette famously said, 'let them eat cake' before the French Revolution we are now again at a tipping point, where many want a revolution in how the planet and nature are affected by human beings.

war game


war game_edited.jpg

A gun that has parts removed and replaced with playful objects such as a mitten, a stick of rock and an ice cream cone. It is going to be included in Issue 5#  of MAKE8ELIEVE magazine, based in Switzerland.

the love machine


love machine.jpg

This collage was another work created for The Workshop exhibition, shown at 44AD in Bath, 2019. It is a reworking of a vintage photograph of workers at the Cadbury's factory who were packaging Easter Eggs. I have replaced the eggs with human hearts

Bringing home the Grub


bringing home the grub copy.jpg

A playful reworking of a vintage photograph of Land Girls from WW2 helping to feed the nation. I have replaced traditional food for witchetty grubs, a food more common to primitive cultures.

Suicide cattle (2018)

suicide cattle 2018.jpg

Digital collage shown at Eastside Projects, Summer Camp. In this piece I wanted to explore the cruelty of intensive farming and  the plight of animals as the enter the abattoir. Here the cow, strapped with explosives has become a 'freedom fighter', or prehaps a 'terrorist'.

heart of horror


heart of horror Helen Grundy image.jpg

Digital collage depicting a dark surreal attack on the heart. This piece has been shown in Artery Gallery Prague and later this year for 'The Death of Art' exhibition at Sweet Art Gallery, London.

delight therapy


Berlin show HG copy.jpg
Delight Therapy Helen Grundy image.jpg
lets look at the NHS copy.jpg

Three pieces made for the show, The Future is Personal shown at Westbank Art Gallery London. All pieces are taken from reworkings of early photos from the start of NHS. They show children with TB being given light treatment and I have removed harsh lamps and replaced them with bioluminscent jellyfish. The final piece is an invented View Master reel, celebrating the NHS.

brutalist naturist


brutalist naturist a.jpg

My love of Brutalist Architecture combined with the idea of nature in the city, digital collage.

moon slum


moon slum image copy image.jpg

Collage inspired by the upcoming 50 year anniversary of the moon landing and the sci-fi dream of people living on the moon. In this piece, I have imagined humans reproducing the same inequalities on the moon as exist on  planet Earth. This piece was shown at The Atom Gallery for the show Tomorrow's World.



spinkles helen grundy image.jpg

Digital Collage of an ice cream, sprinkled with miniature ice cream vans.

24 hour party (political) people


party political people 1 copy.jpg
party political people 2 copy.jpg
party political people 3.jpg

I created the collaged image of Stalin for the show May Day, May Day at Spike Island in Bristol and then made them into a series of three.

sexual tension


warring women copy a.jpg
ogden dinner copy.jpg

I wanted to explore tension between the sexes in the context of popular chose to focus on a famous television programme. I found and altered two photographs from the long running soap, Corontation Street.



death and glitter PsycheDelia digital pr

An imagined cookery book by Delia Smith, photo collage printed on aluminium. This was shown at The Bruton Art Factory for the exhbition, Go Wild In The Country.

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